ithil 🌙
While here beyond the sundering seas, now fall the elven tears


real quick beren and luthien sketched during a conference call
this looked cuter before the nauglamir was all I heard you like creepy underlighting


Master Elrond

by ~Hokunin

i would really like for somebody to come snuggle in bed next to me and wrap their feet around mine so we can be close and warm. I can be soft and cuddly, anyone?

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Plant kid

1970s Vintage Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Set


Lunaesque Creative Photography - The Time of the Elves



Thankyou for my breath ancient beauty
Anonymous: You're a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart<3

oh gee, thats very kind!! xxxx

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Tauriel ˖ ✧

*faints* this is the hottest thing ever

&#8230;&#8230;.&#8221;eryn!&#8221; willowbambi