ithil 🌙
While here beyond the sundering seas, now fall the elven tears

Early morning garden frolicking

Happy Easter large majestic bird poo leaf


Late 15th century Burgundian day dresses.Pic by: Viktor PjnovFashion design by: The Seamstress of Rohan


Crowned by the Moon by VargasNi

I’m trying to stay hopeful but I’ve got all this frustration

April 19th / 1 note


༺ ※ Magic, nature and old days ※ ༻


"The Centaur and the Mermaid" by Julie Bell


Introducing you to a new network for all those mythical fantasy lovers, especially those who love elves!This network is going to be our own little elven kindom, a little race of elves.If you wish to apply visit my-elven-kingdom and click the “apply” link and follow instructions from there!BUT first what you need to do :)1. Reblog this post!
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I will be accepting blogs who reblog some element of fantasy on their blog, whether it be fantasy art, lotr, fantasy gaming - it doesnt have to be your whole blog style, if you post it occasionally thats okay too, just want to make sure the people who join want to be apart of the network because they like the theme of it and not just to join a network for the heck of it :) 
BENEFITS OF JOINING:- you get to choose your elven title, go to the network page to find out more!
- meet like minded elven/fantasy lovers who you can follow and be followed back by
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Good Luck Little Elves :) 
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